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How Much Do Solar Carports Cost?

Solar Carports Cost

A solar carport may cost around $4 per watt, but the average price can range between $3.50 to $4.50 per watt in 2020 inside of the United States based on information from multiple trusted sources.

According to Alternative Energy, “Solar carports cost about $3.72 per watt with average prices ranging from $3.45 per watt to $3.99 per watt in the US for 2020.

According to EnergySage, in 2020, a solar carport could cost around $4 per watt in the United States. The average size that would be needed for 98% of your energy needs would be around 12kW, and LG is the leading brand of solar panels for your carports.

According to Big Dog Solar, solar carports can cost $3.99 per watt while solar roofing can cost $3.57 per watt, and ground-mounted systems $3.89. When it comes to the energy needs being met. It was estimated that ground-mounted systems meet 97%, solar roofing 91%, and solar carports only 89%. A solar canopy is going to be similar in pricing.

Solar canopy economics will be based on how much you pay for your electricity and how large your system is. A solar canopy can help you to save more money if you use a lot of electricity whenever the charges are high. You can lower electricity bills by using solar energy during these peak times.

Cost of Residential Solar Carports

If you want to install a residential solar carport, then you could pay between $3.50 to $4 per watt to install one. The cost can range from $68,000 for only a 50kW system that covers 3,600 square feet to more than $1,400,000 for a 1000kW system that covers 69,000 square feet or more, according to Solar Electric Supply. An article by UnderstandSolar shows a cost breakdown of what you could end up paying if you decide to build a solar carport. Before-tax rebates, you could pay $21,000 for 5kW solar carport, which is $18,000 for the solar panels and $3,000 for the carport frame. However, you may only pay $15,000 for a 5kW system after you receive a tax rebate for your solar carport.

Cost of Commercial Solar Carports

Commercial solar carports can cost $3.50 per watt. People in the U.S. have started to install a solar carport to save themselves money. EnergySage has shown multiple examples of how people can save $22,000 to $75,000 each year by installing solar carports. EnergySage states that commercial solar carports are much more popular in the United States when compared to residential carports.

How Much Money Can I Save With Carport Solar Panels?

Each year, Santa Cruz saves around $75,000 worth of electricity and will meet between 50% to 75% of energy consumption. This means over the next 25 years, they will save over $4 million.

Each year, the Santa Barbara County Housing Authority ends up saving around $2 million worth of electricity using solar canopies. This ends up a meeting between 76% and 99% of electricity usage. The gross costs for this system were around $14 million before they received a rebate of $4.6 million and a tax credit of $7.2 million, which made the net cost of this solar system of $2.6 million. That was a return investment of 41%.

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