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Solar Carports And Canopies

Carport Solar Panels

Solar carports and canopies can reduce the commercial costs of energy. It can also help to enhance the value of your commercial real estate, and it shows dedication to sustainability. Alternative Energy, LLC, is backed by SUNPOWER, and that means that the installation of your solar carport should not have any issues.

If you are looking for solar carports and canopies installers or manufacturers in Arizona, then Alternative Energy can do just that. They provide commercial and residential solar carports and canopies installation in Carefree, Cave Creek, Fountain Hills, Mesa, Scottsdale, Phoenix, as well as the whole state of Arizona.

What is a Solar Carport?

Solar carports, also called solar awnings, carport solar panels, or solar parking panels, are aerial awnings designed to cover parking areas. The roofs of garages and parking lots provide ideal space for installing commercial solar systems. Solar energy has proven to be an excellent choice for businesses and parking lots for several reasons, including providing shading and reducing heat islands.

In addition, as the number of charging stations for electric vehicles installed in many garages and parking lots has increased, so has the cost of energy. Photovoltaic solar parking is a good solution for commercial building owners and parking facility owners who want to save electricity bills and offset increased energy usage.

How Much Do Solar Carports Save Versus Cost?

On average, solar carports cost about 3.67 per watt. According to EnergySage, the average system size is about 11.3 kW, and the leading brand of solar panels is LG.

The economics of solar cover will depend on how much you pay for electricity and the size of the solar system. A canopy can help you save even more if the installation uses a lot of power under demanding loads. During these peak hours, you can use solar energy to reduce electricity bills significantly. Learn more about solar carports costs.

Return on Solar Investment and Tax Breaks

There are businesses in Arizona that will install solar carports and canopies just for tax breaks through MARCRS, which helps to speed up your ROI and reduce the amount of taxes. Qualified solar energy equipment can be eligible for 5 years for cost recovery. The accelerated depreciation can cause the net system cost to be reduced by 30% more, according to EnergySage.

Case Studies on Solar Carports and Canopies

The Santa Barbara County Housing Authority saves about $1,086,000 in electricity bills annually through awnings. This can satisfy 75% to 99% of your electricity consumption. The total cost of his system was $13.9 million, while the outstanding cost was $4.7 million, and the tax credit was $7.3 million, resulting in a net cost of the system of about $2.51 million. Your return on investment is 40.9%. You can learn more about it here.

Santa Cruz saves about $75,000 in electricity bills each year, consuming about 50% to 75% of its electricity. They will save more than $4,100,000 over the next 25 years. You can learn more here.

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